What is a Physiatrist?

Physiatrists (also referred to as Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians) are trained medical professionals who specialize in rehabilitative care. Able to work in acute and subacute medical facilities, physiatrists can be an incredibly valuable member of the team when placed in a skilled nursing facility. Just like other physicians, physiatrists undergo four years of medical school followed by four additional years of postdoctoral residency training to hone their skills in patient rehabilitation, team collaboration, and acute medical assessment.

Physiatrists take a holistic approach to providing care to their patients. Working as a key member of a patient’s care team, a physiatrist can help to improve physical functional capabilities through organized treatments with other specialties such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, prosthetics, and more. 

Physiatrists are able to diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions. Physiatrist specialties include: 

  • Restore strength
  • Enhance mobility
  • Recover from surgery faster
  • Experience less chronic pain
  • Reduce physical deficits
  • Live more independently
  • Improve quality of life

Capable of managing and monitoring complex patient health conditions like post orthopedic surgical rehabilitation and cardio/pulmonary management, integrating a National Health Rehabilitation physiatrist into your rehabilitation team is one of the best ways to promote advanced patient healing and recovery. 

Physiatrists vs Physical Therapists – What’s the Difference?

While both physiatrists and physical therapists work with patients to improve their health, there are some key differences and benefits that a physiatrist can bring to your clinic that are worth exploring.

A physiatrist is a trained medical doctor who specializes in rehabilitative care. Able to diagnose, provide medical interventions, and prescribe medications, they are a fully autonomous provider capable of designing tailor-made patient care plans for every one of their patients.

Physical therapists use the treatment plans designed by physiatrists and other physicians to provide care to their patients. They are a valuable member of the team, often working closely with physiatrists to integrate their treatment protocols to optimize patient health outcomes.

Physiatrist providing physical therapy to patient

Provide The High-Quality Care Your Patients Deserve — The Benefits of an NHR Physiatrist

At National Health Rehabilitation, we understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving successful patient outcomes. With so many medical professionals coming and going, staff and patients alike often begin to feel the negative effects of disjointed care. Avoid these common disconnects and provide better continuous care with an NHR physiatrist:

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Your In-House
Rehab Expert

Because of their specialized training, physiatrists are the perfect fit for rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities. Because physiatrists understand the complex and different needs of patients, they are better able to tailor treatment plans to specific health goals such as post-operative healing or functional strength training. Having an on-staff physiatrist can help your center provide the highest quality rehabilitative medicine possible for your patients.

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Expand Your

In all areas of healthcare, our patients get the best results from collaborative support from a variety of different specialized professionals. Feel proud about the care services your center can provide your patients with certified physiatry rehabilitation in recognizable spaces that they feel comfortable in.

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Offload Patient
Care From
Other Specialists

With limited resources and time, many skilled nursing facilities need to stretch their staff in order to care for patients. This can include using specialized staff in more general roles, preventing them from being able to use their training and knowledge to their full potential. An NHR physiatrist can join your team as an extra set of skilled hands to help relieve busy staff by performing many different rehabilitative treatments and tasks. Not only does this help your patients, but this also allows your other staff to return to providing the best quality care in their area of specialization.

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Accurately Monitor and Document Patient Health Outcomes

NHR physiatrists are committed to helping your patients see their best results. Capable of one-to-one health monitoring, ordering diagnostic testing, and performing in-house health interventions, a physiatrist can be a great asset to both your patients and staff.

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Build a Long-Term Working Relationship

Matched to your center based on your needs, NHR physiatrists commit to working with your patients and staff for the long term. Because our physiatrists become a familiar face around the facility, they truly begin to feel like a member of your team. Both your staff and patients will benefit from the increased continuity in care our physiatrists are able to provide.

The National Health Rehabilitation Advantage

As a physician-owned business, we understand the intricacies and complexities of working in the healthcare field. Our passion for providing excellent patient care is what drives us to help nursing rehabilitation centers get connected to high-quality physicians who will make a difference.

Centers with an NHR physiatrist have seen impressive results:

8% decrease in hospital readmissions from improved rehabilitative care plans provided by our physiatrists

Only 1% of residents report having moderate to severe chronic pain, as our physiatrists work with patients to provide in-house interventions to reduce long-standing pain and disability

11% decrease in falls from long term care facilities from improved patient rehabilitation and increased staffing availability 

96% patient satisfaction scores post-discharge. We love helping our patients have the best possible experience as they heal! 

Get Connected Today

At National Health Rehabilitation, we are committed to helping skilled nursing facilities provide the best possible care for their patients. As a physician-run company with staff placed in over 250 care centers across 26 states, we understand the many challenges skilled nursing facilities face on a daily basis to provide high-quality rehabilitative care for every unique patient.

Interested in expanding your multidisciplinary team? We would be happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch with us so we can connect your center with the perfect physiatrist to match your specific needs